“You may be Disappointed if you fail, but you are Doomed if you Never Try.”

Most successful people are known as  risk-takers and their  abilities to try something out of nothing give them great things. Name any great inventor either in the past or at present that didn’t try something out of nothing, their failures in the process of trying, give them  motivation to try again and again until great things comes out of something where there is nothing before, their names were recorded in the history, because they refused to be discouraged or disappointed when they failed on their way to greatness.

Nobody reckons with a person who failed and never try again because he simply stopped trying after he encounters failure. And he missed the opportunity to register his name on plate of gold.

You have enough time to make a choice by trying something out of nothing until you get the desired results that will be useful to you in particular and humanity in general.

Success and satisfaction is the reward of trying, while failure and regret is the punishment for not trying.

Five keys to help you achieve your success when trying to do exploit are; determination, encouragement, persistence, orientation, and focus.

– Be determined on what you want to do and don’t consider failures as your option.
– Be encouraged even when you have failed before, believing in yourself.

– Be persisted in what you are doing, like how blacksmith continues to hit an iron in order to bring out the desired form.

– Be orientated on new ideas, research for more information and knowledge that will help you in your next step.

– Be focused and don’t give in to distraction until you are successful and satisfied with your outcomes.

When you look back from where you started, you will appreciate your decision for giving it a try. Only something comes out of nothing, and great things from something, just by trying.

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