Oduduwa (the creator of righteousness) is the father of generation of Yoruba while Laurudu gave birth to Oduduwa. Lamurudu was a traditionalist and king in Meka. Earlier on, before the introduction of Islamic religion, the people of Mecca were traditionalist. There was a man named Asara, the Chief Priest of Lamurudu had a son named Buraimo who got converted to a Muslim. One day, he went to the shrine, burnt the idol images and set the place ablaze. This incident annoyed the traditionlist and they planned to burn Buraimo. This led to a religious war between Islamic faithful and the traditionlist, in which lamurudu died. That was the first religion war.

 As a result of the death of Lamurudu, Oduduwa being the first born had to run away from Mecca with his siblings. They trekked for 90 days before arriving at Ile Ife. Due to the long journey, some of his siblings were tired on the way, they could not reach Ile Ife, and therefore some based in Sudan, Gogobiri, Kukawa, Beriberi some part of Sokoto and Bornu in the North.


There character, physique of these people is a little bit related/familiar to the Yoruba’s. Also their tribal mark (Gumbo) is familiar to Gumbo in Oyo. Their Burial Culture and belief in recantation is not different to that of Yoruba’s.


In Ile Ife, Oduduwa met Agbonniregun (setilu) the Chief Priest a Professor of Ifa and his people. He was warmly welcomed and acceptable. Shibu, the war lord of Mecca pursue Oduduwa to Ile Ife but with the support of Agbonniregun, Oduduwa conquered.

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Being a powerful, diligent, wise, and peculiar character of Oduduwa, he became the lorder over those he met and thereby became the first (king) Ooni of Ile Ife.


The enemy of Ife, Ugbo used to terrorize Ile Ife Oduduwa used his power to pursue them away for some time. After the death of Oduduwa the Ugbo came back to invade Ife by coming like Ghost.


Moremi was a queen of one of the Ooni of Ife a beautiful and courageous woman she promised to deliver Ile Ife people from Ugbo. She went to the chief priest of Esinminrin River to support her in her mission with pledge to surrender her only daughter on her victory.


The second year Moremi surrendered herself to be taken as one of the slaves when Ugbo invaded Ile Ife. As a beautiful woman, she was handed over to their king as wife this revealed their secret to her that they were human beings just disguise in dry palm fronds.

On one midnight, Moremi sneaked out of the town and revealed this great secret to her people in Ile Ife on getting back, Moremi sacrificed her child Oluorogbo to Esinmirin River. This while they can’t her eulogy as:



Olowo Aremo

Aboja Gbooro


Since then, the Ife people then had waste of palm oil in stick abundance in order to burn the Ugbo anytime they come again. In the following year, there call the Ugbo as planned earlier, the dry palm fronds, were burnt and many of them were captured as slaves.


Edi festival is being celebrated in Ile Ife in remembrance of Moremi and how Ile Ife people use fire to conquer Ugbo.




Oduduwa gave birth to a son called Okanbi while Okanbi gave birth to seven children. After Okanbi’s death, his properties/belongs were shared among his children as follows.


  1. Olowu (first female) Aso (cloth)
  2. Alaketu (Binrin) Ade (crown)
  3. Oba Ibini Owo Eyo (cowries)
  4. Orangun Iyawo (wives)
  5. Onisabe Eran Osin (domestic animals)  
  6. Olapopo Ileke (beads)
  7. Oranmiyan (abikeyin) Ile (land)


It was recalled that Oranmiyan was not around when his father died so as a result, everything was shared before he came back from his hunting. As a result of this, he was given land and everything on the land belong to him so his senior brothers and sisters) decided to give him some of their inheritance, this led to introduction/payment of royalty among Yoruba. This made Oranmiyan to be richer than others.


He was chosen by his siblings to attain the throne of their father in Ile Ife.


Oranmiyan decide to avenge the death of his grandfather Lamurudu in Mecca and the shameful exit of Oduduwa and his siblings from Mecca. Many warriors accompany him out of Ile Ife.



Adimula Chief Priest was put in charge of their traditional belongings. As argument, fight occurred between Oranmiyan and his siblings at Igangan over a pot of wine; therefore they went on their ways. He decides to embark on the journey he was disturbed by the tap 9 people so he was shameful to go back to Ile Ife.


He then begged the king of Ibariba to give him a piece of land so that he can settle down. The king of Ibariba sent a charmed cobra ahead of him that wherever the cobra disappeared after seventh day is where Oranmiyan should settle. They followed the snake till it reach Ese Oke that is called Ajaka where it stopped for seven days and disappeared so Oranmiyan settle down there and it is called Oyo Ajaka.


Later on, Oranmiyan went back to Ile Ife he stayed for a long period of time, they thought he would not come back to Oyo therefore they installed his son Ajaka as the next king-on the day of Ajaka coronation as King, Oranmiyan returned but on hearing this, he went back to Ile Ife, there he was till his old age and died in Ile Ife- there is a staff of office (Opa Oranmiyan) at his grave yard till date in Ile Ife in of this great man.


Ajaka was a humble man and a lover of peace. Things were going on smoothly during his tenure as a king but they rebelled against him and were dethroned. He ran to Igbodu and stayed there for seven years.


Later n, Sango, his junior brother became the next Alaafin of Oyo. Her mother’s name was Torosi the daughter of Elempe, Kin of Tapa Kingdom. Sango was powerful, famous and fetish likes Aroni. Whenever he is talking, smoke comes out of his mouth.


Sango as a king trouble with people of Oyo, so they rebelled against him and were also dethroned. He committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree. The place was named Koso- meaning he did not hand this enemies were happy so they started mocking his followers. As a result of this, Sango faithful went to Tapa Kingdom to make a charm that will make thunder to strike and kill whoever mock Sango. This striking of thunder made people to change their statement to, Sango, Oba Koso meaning Sango, the king did not hang.


 Later on, Oranmiyan went back to Ile Ife he stayed for a long period of time




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