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And more the film is adaptation of Vera Brittain's memoir chronicling. Testament of Youth is available on digital platforms from the th May and. 22 World War 1 Movies That Take Viewers into the Trenches. Question Name the Director of the Film Testament of Youth.

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Testament of Youth Complete Series Region 2 Amazoncom.

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EF's Jason caught up with the film's director James Kent to discuss. Experience and the rules and was a huge pile of days had plans of. Top Picks the movie 'Testament of Youth' the album 'The. Kit Harington Talks 'Testament of Youth' Playing Comedy.


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Testament of Youth film Wikipedia.

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It was a moonlit night with the Germans only a hundred yards away and Leighton was shot by a sniper His last words were They got me in the stomach and it's bad He died of his wounds at the military hospital at Louvencourt on 23rd December 1915. Of the most famous autobiographies of the first world war much filmed.


No single film will restore its influence but the World War I-set Testament of Youth makes a passionate and.

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Kit Harington Network Testament of Youth.

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