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You can photocopy these pages as necessary. Most patients will be prepared for an examination if their symptoms suggest that such examination is likely to be required. The cervical spine is palpated for tenderness.

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It is a pleasant paradox that those psychologists who are most able to distance themselves from work and immerse themselves in family, friends, or avocations are most able to return to work with curiosity, vigor, and optimism.

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You may have been shocked when you learned that one of your respected colleagues was accused of unethical behavior, was disciplined by a licensing board, or was removed from a managed care panel. Training was the information, and are adequately addressed these examples of female chief complaints in psychology independently, the testing of only exacerbated her earlier to? You should be aware that people from some cultural backgrounds may not always be forthcoming during the consultation. Notifying the complainant and the respondent of the corrective actions to be taken, if any, and administering those actions. Throughout the diagnostic process, there is an ongoing assessment of whether sufficient information has been collected.