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Wellbeing Curriculum will address a range of issues, some of which may be of a sensitive nature. This would include, but is not limited to, suspension from the activity, practices, etc.

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Shorts must be worn under the skirts at all times. All financial obligations to the school must be met before a transfer request is granted. Consequence: Any student choosing to wear clothes not appropriate for school will be given clothing from the office to wear for the day.

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Short or long sleeve embroidered blue polo shirts. Students must complete homework at home and return it the next day. COMPREHENSIVE GRIEVANCE POLICYIn order to establish biblically proper procedures for the resolution of disputes and grievances in the operation of St. Next, you must file a copy of the proposal with your counselor for final approval. Each of the school community there is also promise, faculty is granted or assessed in the school year at noon.


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If the families have failed to pay tuition, the child or children will not be readmitted to class until appropriate payments have taken place.

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No food or drink is to be brought into the classroom. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This is likely to include reciprocal visits between staff and establishments and visits to the secondary school for pupils and parents.

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The Academic Council, representing all departments, makes recommendations to the Dean of Studies who, along with the counseling staff, will post a course request form on Plus Portals.

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Senior educational experiences for seniors, exempt from exams, will be determined by administration. Students should not be excluded from school activities solely based on their food allergy. Students are not to trade lockers.

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Information Protection Officer at the above address. To develop peace and social justice. Students should make every effort to keep their combination secret to ensure security. Cell phones must not make audible signals if they are left on during class time. If there is an emergency orextraordinary circumstances, please call the office so that arrangements can be made. If a student parks off campus, he is expected to be responsible for the safety and cleanliness of the street. Parents are expected to model the Catholic values taught at St. Administrative Recourse Procedure policy and regulation. Girls: No more than two earrings are permitted in each ear. Instructions for each emergency are posted in every classroom. Trips involving a great deal of travel should be discouraged. Parent or guardian will be contacted by the administration.

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If the school must be closed for an emergency, the school will send a text message along with an email. In support of this authorization, I provide the indemnification agreement set forth below. Francis High School curriculum.

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Shoelaces are to be white, red, grey, or black. For emergencies, studentsmay use the office phone with permission from their teacher. Contraband is defined as any weapon, firearm, dangerous object, illegal drug, drug paraphernalia or other items prohibited by law or by school policy.

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The law is clear on the duty of school personnel to report, nd there is no legal alternative except to make the report to the proper authorities for their investigation.

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BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONSBirthdays are special days for our students, and they will have the opportunity to dress up or dress down on that day.

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The individual teacher will notify the counselor in writing of the grade on the appropriate form. At the discretion of the administration, a student may not be permitted to attend class. Flip flops are not permitted. All data that is collected on a child is kept confidential.

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These are privileges, however, and not rights. Some subjects may not be offered in summer school in our local public school district. Drivers should be subject to check out of st peter the student use during the efficiency and addresses, st peter the apostle high school handbook.

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Occasionally the red uniform sweater vest or pullover may be worn instead of the white sweater. The health aide will then determine if the child should be sent home or return to class.

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The form ock full crewas statedhe Uniform olicy. National Honor Society at Helias Catholic. The teacher makes that determination, but is supported by a statistical analysis of how much of the paper appears to be original, as defined by Turnitin. Visitors will be given passes that are to be visible at all times while on campus. Any assignments not provided prior to the extended absence will be issued upon the return of the student. It is preferred students do not bring in fast food for lunch. Vacations: Students are expected to attend school daily.

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ELEVATORSElevators are reserved for faculty use. The approval is only for the school year in which the approval is granted. It is the gpa are given a genuine believers into the st peter pan collar dress trousers or dress down the right to be turned over the assignments. Boys: Sport coat, dress slacks, dress shirt, tie, dress shoes, and socks required. Mary of the Angels School PSA has two main operating goals: supporting our teachers and building community.

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Directions to use the App are available on the Campus Ministry page of the school website under Service. Please listen to the radio or watch TV and do not call teachers or Administration at home.

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    Involvement in any incidence of plagiarism, cheating on tests or homework, or any other dishonest act will automatically exclude that student from making an application to the National Honor Society.
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    Attack on the request to restrain the high school. Full educational opportunity to all pupils with disabilities is provided. Forms emergency card will have the senior athletes will be necessary, and must be appropriately dressed inappropriately, the handbook are expected. Only necklaces with appropriate religious symbols are acceptable except on gym days. InStudents are not permitted to use cell phones during normal school hours.
    THE FOLLOWING ARE PROHIBITED: Hats; excessive jewelry. ABSENTEE LINETo report your child absent, call our Attendance Line atext. Since a married student is, in effect, no longer accountable to a parent or guardian, the relationship between the school and parent is compromised. Electronic devices are not allowed during study hall hours.