December 6, 2019

NINU IGBI OMI OKUN AIYE TI NLU MI(UPON life’s boundless ocean ,Where mighty billows roll) BY LEWIS EDGAR JONES 1865-1936

Lewis Edgar Jones1865–1936 the composer UPON life’s boundless ocean (Ninu igbi omi okun aiye ti nlu mi) died Sept 1,1936, Santa Barbara, California. Buried: Altoona Walnut Grove Cementery, Etowah County, Alabama. A classmate of Evangelist Billy Sunday. Jones attended the Moody Bible Institute, after graduation, he worked for he Young Men’s Christian Association in Davenport.

Pseudonyms :Lewis Ed­gar, Edgar Lew­is, Mary Sla­ter



UPON life’s boundless ocean ,

Where mighty billows roll,

I’ve fixed my hope in Jesus, blest anchor of my soul;

When trials fierce assail me as storms are gathering o’er.

I rest upon His mercy and trust Him more.



I’ve anchored in Jesus, the storms of life I’ll brave,

I’ve anchor’d in Jesus, I fear no wind or wave.

I’ve anchor’d in Jesus for He hath pow’r to save

I’ve anchored to the Rock of Ages.


He keeps my soul from evil and gives me blessed peace,

His voice hath stilled the waters and bid their tumult cease;

My Pilot and Deliverer, to Him I all confide.

For always when I need Him, He’s at my side,


He is my Friend and Saviour, in Him my anchor’s cast,

He drives away my sorrows and shields me from the blast;

By faith I’m looking upward beyond

life’s troubled sea,There I behold a heaven prepared for me.









Ninu igbi omi okun aiye ti nlu mi

Mo faramo Jesu idakoro okan mi

Gbat’idanwo lile fere bori okan mi

Mo simi le anu Re, mo gbekele



Mo simi le Jesu ninu igbi aiye

Mo simi le Jesu eru ko le ba mi

Mo simi le Jesu enit’ o le gba mi

Mo simi le Jesu Apata.


O npa okan mi mo kuro n’nu   gbogbo ibi

O np’ase fun igbi omi nwon  ndake roro

Olugbala, Amona mi ni y’o je titi

O mbe nitosi mi lati se ’ranwo


Mo nsimi le Ore ati Olugbala mi

O ndabobo mi O si nle ’banuje mi lo

Igbagbo mi nwoke nibiti ’ranwo mi wa

Mo ri’bi isimi t’o pese fun mi

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