September 6, 2019

Kos’Olugbala miran Ko s’ore bi Jesu(THERE’S no one like my Saviour; No friend can be like Him) BY ELIZA EDMUNDS HEWITT 1851-1920

-She was born on june 28, 1851 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

-Her father’s name is James Stratton Hewitt was a sea captain who was born in New Jersey in 1823. Her mother was Zeruiah Edmunds born in 1823

-She attended the public school of Philadelphia and after her graduation from high school became a teacher

– She studied English Literature

-According to,  she became bedridden because of a spinal condition, the illness may have come from a boy being disciplined striking her in the back with a heavy slate, she was put in a cast for six months

-She developed a spinal malady which cut short her career.

– she died in Philadelphia on April 24,1920.

 1.Kos’Olugbala miran Ko s’ore bi Jesu

 Orun ife Re ki wo ’Gbati ’fe aiye tan

 Ninu erun, tab’ojo On l’ogo ayo mi

 Emi ’ba le fi gbogbo Aiye mi sise fun.



CHORUS: Kosi Olugbala bi ti Jesu Ko si Ore ti a le fi we Ko si Olugbala bi ti Jesu Ogo! ogo! Jesu   

                  ntoju mi.


  1. Ko s’Olugbala miran Nigba idamu nla

 O fa mi sunmo’do Re Lati tun mi ninu

O nfi agbara fun mi Lati bori ’danwo

 O nf ’angeli yi mi ka T’o nyo  mi n’nu ewu.


  1. Ko s’Olugbala miran O dar’ese mi ji

Emi Re di kanga nla Ti nsan nin’okan mi

 O pe mi si ise Re Mo di ohun-elo

Iyanu t’o ga julo Pe mo di omo Re.


  1. Ko s’Olugbala miran Wa to adun Re wo

O ti f’Emi Re ra o O ta ’je Re sile

Gbat’a ba goke orun S’ilu imole nla

Ao b’awon Angel’ korin Iyin s’Olugbala



THERE’S no one like my Saviour; No friend can be like Him;

 My never-failing sunshine When earthly lights grow dim;

When summer flow’rs are blooming, The brightness of my joy,

O, may His happy service My heart and life employ


CHORUS:        No one, no one such like    my precious Saviour, No one, no one  a friend can be No  

          one, no one like my precious Saviour, Glory, glory, Jesus cares for me.


  1. There’s no one like my Saviour; In seasons of distress,

 He draws me closer to Him, To comfort and to bless;

 He gives me in temptation, The strength of His right arm;

 His angels camp around me, To keep me from all harm.


  1. There’s no one like my Saviour, He pardons all my sin,

 And gives His Holy Spirit, A springing well within;

He leads me out to service, With gentle touch and mild;

 O, wonder of all wonders,That I should be His child.


  1. There’s no one like my Saviour, Come now, and find it true!

 He gave His life a ransom, His blood was shed for you;

 Then when we reach the City Of everlasting light,

 We’ll sing with saints and angels, All honour, power and might.

E. Hewitt


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